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Give us a call at 1-800-345-2977 and experience JAWS Swim Shop’s famous customer service. It’s nice to shop where everybody knows your name….
With our new website,  we set out to take a bite out of your search time for swimming information and news!

Welcome to Jaws Swim Shop

What’s up with the Name?

Lots of folks ask us about our name-JAWS-and how that’s working for us.  After all, our mission is “keeping you in water for life” and couldn’t a name like JAWS work against that?  So here’s the story:  JAWS is an acronym for Just Add Water Sports which is a bit of a mouthful.  So back some 20 years ago, Knoxville swimmers, swim families and coaches started calling us JAWS and it just caught on… now across Tennessee and  the entire USA,  all the way to swimmers in Unalaska, Alaska, calls us JAWS.

How’s a name like JAWS  working for us?   Who else can say  “we take a bite out of prices” and  “we take a bite out of search time for any of your team’s needs-custom apparel, suits, training equipment, caps, gifts, etc. ”   And now with our website,  JAWSSwim .com, we set out to take a bite out of your search time for swimming information and news.

We’ve got product guides and product reviews.  Want to swim in college?  We’ve got some tips and links to help you find where you fit in best (Resources).  Looking for a team?  Need help with your swimmer’s championship meet gifts?  Want to find an Aquatic Fitness class or Life Guard information?  We can help!

Give us a look…join our blog…shop….send us information or inspiration.  And thank you for advocating for the sport we all love….swimming!

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"You have all made it very easy for me!"
Josh Perkins, Blackthorn Country Club

"Thanks for once again going the extra mile for us. I wish I had the opportunity to send in an evaluation of what AWESOME customer service JAWS has given me over these 2 years."
Coach Jason Gallaher , Sweet Briar College

"You all went above and beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion. Anytime I call, you all are right there, with whatever I need." Georgia Southern University Swim Team, 2006-2010
Misty Gray, Morristown High School

"It was a pleasure working with you during the high school swim season. Your service was fantastic and your attitude was great!"
Karen Bogensberger, Summerville High School

"You are the best! Seriously, I can't imagine that there is a better swim shop out there you were patient with me, you got us all our suits early in the season, AND you hand delivered suits for NCAA's. AMAZING!"
Coach Abby Brethauer, University of Mary Washington

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